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Sunday, September 27, 2015

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Review

Hello Beauties <3

It's time to relax in paradise and treat yourself to an at home spa treatment. Who doesn't love spoiling their face and skin every couple of days....well maybe there are a few but I'm certainly not one of them.

For tonight's (Saturday night) Hollywood treat, I pulled out my GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. This mask delivers instant hydration to dry, dehydrated and thirsty skin. It moisturizes, restores, replenishes and calms the skin.

What I like about this mask is it can be left on your face overnight just like a sleeping facial, Ever have those lazy nights where you don't want to wait 20 minutes then wash the mask off, followed up with your nightly skin care routine which for me consists of toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer (yes I have those nights often). ThirstyMud, to me,  is a one step all inclusive treatment that saves me so much time during my nightly skin care routine while delivering amazing results.

If you don't want to keep it on overnight, you can apply an even layer of product to your face and neck for 10 to 20 minutes then rinse with water.

Oh by the way....did I mention this mask smells divine,,,a delicious coconut scent that instantly draws me to white sand beaches and pina coladas. Count me in at least twice a week!

It retails for $69 (1.7 oz) but if you don't want to spend that much money, you can try the 0.50 oz for $19. Or better yet get a sample at Sephora. I bet you will love it as much as I do.

Stacey <3

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