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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Balenciaga Florabotanica

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Hello Beauties <3

I decided to pick one of my favorite perfumes as my first official post on Beauty in Paradise. I say "one of" because I love many but Florabotanica always gets me the most compliments and it has the best staying power by far.

When I first received a sample vial I did not like it at all. My first impression was it was very strong and overpowering. As the day went on I was surprised I could still smell the fragrance lingering on me. I decided to give it another chance and I was so happy I did. I actually started to like it more and more and it quickly became a staple in my collection.

So lets get down to what's really important here, what does it smell like? It is an exotic and unique fragrance with heavy floral notes. Once applied to your skin you immediately get the feeling of entering a botanical garden. With that said, I highly recommend you apply only one spray to your wrist and maybe two on your neck.

The packaging is a definite plus for me. Yes, I'm guilty of making purchases just because I couldn't resist the adorable packaging. Florabotanica comes in a classy meets chic bottle with black and white stripes starting at the cap and is visible through the center of the bottle.

Balenciaga Florabotanica eau de parfum is available in the following sizes:

0.34 oz rollerball - Retail price $25
1.0 oz spray - Retail price $70
1.7 oz spray - Retail price $100
3.4 oz spray - Retail price $130

I have the 1.7 oz spray bottle and an adorable 0.25 oz mini dabber. I love a good deal so I actually didn't pay $100. I ordered a fragrance set from Sephora for $65 and redeemed the scent certificate for this lovely modern and hip perfume. The mini was part of another set from Sephora.

Stacey <3

Beauty in Paradise's Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Image result for balenciaga florabotanica
Image result for balenciaga florabotanica

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